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12.02  I study at MRSU

The Center for International Education announces selfie contest among foreign students! The name of the contest is “I study at MRSU”. Those who want to take part in the contest can send 1 - 3 photos

On February 2 the meeting of the Rector of MRSU Professor P. N. Khromenkov and Director of the Center for International Education Professor V.A Stepanenko with the Head of the Association of Russian Language Teachers in Finland Irina Polyanskaya and Executive Director of the IN Eduexport oy from Finland Natalia Stepanova took place

January 21-29 the delegation of schools #2 and # 7 from Ivanteevka (32 persons) made a trip to India, to the Greenway Modern school (Dilshad Garden, new Delhi district) and the St. Xavier’s school

A delegation from Finland headed by the Chairman of the Association of teachers of Russian Language Irina Polyanskaya will visit the Center on February 1-3.

Студенты поделились своими впечатлениями о летней школе МГОУ.

About CIE

The main directions of activity of the Centre for International Education are the following:

  • Preparing foreign students for the study at MRSU and other universities of Russia according to the programme for preparatory department including teaching Russian as Foreign Language and major general subjects;

  • Teaching Russian Language and Humanities to the students and interns from foreign universities coming to Russia for language practice;

  • Preparing for the test of Russian as a Foreign Language;

  • Developing and conducting refresher training courses;

  • Development and implementation of curricula, courses, textbooks and manuals in Russian as Foreign Language and as a Second Language;

  • Development and implementation of training complexes for all professional and age categories of foreigners wishing to learn Russian Language in Russia as well as abroad;

  • Organization and holding of seminars and conferences related to problems of protection, promotion and teaching Russian Language abroad and in national schools in the territory of Russia