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Centre of International Education (СIE)

The main activities of the Centre for International Education are as follows:

•    Preparation of foreign students to study at Moscow Region State University and other Russian universities under the program of preparatory faculties, including teaching Russian as a foreign language and majoring in general education subjects;

•    Teaching of the Russian language and humanitarian disciplines to students and trainees of foreign universities coming to Russia for language training;

•    Preparing for testing in Russian as a foreign language; conducting testing both in Russia and abroad;

•    Development and implementation of professional development courses for teachers of Russian as a foreign language;

•    Organization of participation of Russian citizens in educational programs abroad, including "summer schools", professional development programs and internships;

•    Carrying out activities to preserve the Russian language and maintain national identity among compatriots living abroad, creating specialized programmes and teaching aids for the education of children of compatriots

•    Organizing and coordinating international cooperation in the dissemination and support of the Russian language and culture with national educational institutions, educational institutions and humanitarian organizations in other countries

•    Organization and implementation of school and student exchange programmes;

•    Development and implementation of curricula, courses, textbooks and manuals on Russian as a foreign and non-native language;

•    Development and implementation of educational complexes for all professional and age categories of foreigners wishing to study Russian language both in Russia and abroad;

•    Organization and holding of seminars and conferences related to the preservation, dissemination and teaching of the Russian language abroad and in national schools in Russia.

•    Carrying out information and advertising activities to promote the Moscow Region State University in the international educational market;