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Online summer school «Modern Russian language ­2020»
Last Friday MRSU's pre-university and internship students have celebrated New Year. Some of them have been with us just for three months, and yet they have prepared a small performance in Russian.
They've learned about the history of Soviet and Russian space program, have seen for themselves real spacesuits, satellites and deployable machines, and even A.A. Leonov's painting collection. They could even touch real meteorites and thus wish upon a genuine falling star.
This academic year we've launched a language exchange club in MRSU's fifth building, where native speakers of Russian and Chinese help each other learn their respective languages!
Even though our Center isn't very long in the tooth, our staff has years of experience working with international students in Russia and abroad under their belts. Their opinions are valued by professional community of teachers of Russian as a foreign language around the globe.
Our distinguished participants are now leaving us after a week of educational seminars, city tours in Moscow and theatre evenings. We wish we could extend our program, but alas…
For two weeks from September 25th to October 9th we will be hosting a group of Italian students and their principal Marco Felicetti from La Rosa Bianca College at MSOU for an internship, focusing at improving and expanding their knowledge of Russian language. They will see for themselves the places of interest in Moscow and Moscow Oblast.
C 12 по 18 августа 2019 года в Оренбургской области проходил Международный молодежный образовательный форум «Евразия Global»