Написать нам

Traditional Russian New Year festivities, brought to us by MRSU's foreign students


Last Friday MRSU's pre-university and internship students have celebrated New Year. Some of them have been with us just for three months, and yet they have prepared a small performance in Russian.


They've reenacted the "Teremok" fairytale and a popular segment from an old "Prostkvashino" cartoon. According to the members of their audience, they performers have absolutely nailed Matroskin's character! One of the groups has prepared several things at omce for their performance: Esenin's "White Birch" poem, "Three little piglets" fairytale and a "Doctor's appointment" sketch - in the latter, they've spoken entirely in verbs.

Guests of the celebration have organized some fun activities for the students, all culminating in a merry dance around the christmas tree and a jolly song about it.

Our students have demonstrated their apt command of Russian language when partaking in these traditional festivities, but more importantly, they just had some good, wholesome fun.

Студенты покинули торжество довольными: им удалось не только повеселиться, но и показать, как хорошо они говорят и поют на русском языке!