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Dr. Vera A. Stepanenko shares her expertise with colleagues


Even though our Center isn't very long in the tooth, our staff has years of experience working with international students in Russia and abroad under their belts. Their opinions are valued by professional community of teachers of Russian as a foreign language around the globe.


On December CIE director 4th Dr. Vera A. STEPANENKO, a brilliant practitioner of her trade and a reknown expert in teaching Russian as a foreign language, gave a presentation at 2019 Annual Conference of Grant Recepients: Executing Projects, Sharing Experience and Displaying Achievements. She noted that antiquated approach to communication with Russian language students is quite widespread in Russian teaching community today - a point echoed by teachers of Russian language in the west - and introduced her new "Привет, Россия!" textbook that contains a more modern approach to the issue.

A glimpse of her vision contained within the textbook is available in the presentation attached.