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Internship in Russian

The Centre for International Education offers foreign citizens specially developed programs in Russian language for any level (from primary A1 to advanced C1).

If you have already studied Russian, are studying it now or are just about to study it, our university will give you a great opportunity to improve your language skills. Here you will find all the conditions for an interesting and fruitful study.

Teaching vocabulary and complicated grammar of the Russian language is combined with practical skills of using the acquired knowledge in practice. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, you will simulate various situations in real life: meet new people, find your way to a strange city, shop, buy a ticket to a theatre or museum, go to a restaurant or visit.

In addition, you'll be reading texts, listening a lot, watching videos and movies, and discussing topical issues that are of concern to our contemporaries today.

It is impossible to learn the language and understand the country without knowing its culture and history. Therefore, in your spare time we offer you fascinating excursions, during which you can walk around Moscow, get to the Kremlin, visit the Tretyakov Gallery, watch the famous Russian ballet and see with your own eyes all that you read in Russian language textbooks!


Training conditions

The courses are held in groups of 5 to 10 people in modern equipped classrooms.

Classes are held 5 times a week for 4 academic hours (only 20 hours a week).

The Intensive course is designed for at least 20 hours.

Coursework can be arranged throughout the calendar year. The time of arrival for the summer courses, as well as the organized group visits during the school year can be viewed in the schedule on the website.

Course fee: 1 week (18 hours) - 8000 rubles per person. This price includes one free excursion in Moscow for up to three hours a week.

At the organized group arrival of pupils the discount is given: cost of 1 week (20 hours) - 6500 rubles per person.

Students are provided with working materials for classes.

Our Centre also provides an opportunity to organize individual classes or classes in mini-groups of up to three people by prior arrangement.

The cost of each individual programme is discussed separately.

Write to us and we will discuss all the conditions and details of your training!

Accommodation (2 variants):

1) hotel "Izmailovo" (https://www.hotelbeta.ru), accommodation in a double room - 300 euros per person for the entire period of study (two weeks);

If you choose a hotel, your classes will be held in the university building, which is located in the center of Moscow at 10, Radio Street.

2) hotel-type student residence with double or triple rooms - 30 euros per person for the whole period of study (two weeks);

The student residence is located near Moscow, in the city of Mytischi, 31 Vera Voloshina street. It takes 25 minutes to get to the center of Moscow by bus or train.

If you live in a dormitory in Mytischi, the lessons will be organized right there, in the educational building next to it (3 minutes walking from the dormitory).


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